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Why you should professionally launder your dress shirt

With all we have going on today to look your very best; a professionally laundered shirt is a great start.We use only the very best detergents with brighteners to make them look like they are new. We never shrink your shirts with our process by controlling temperatures so there’s no heat shock that shrinks shirts over time. Home washers have a hot wash and a cold rinse. Our washers control the temperature by slowly heating up the shirts then slowly cooling them down which eliminates heat shock. Starch is added during the wash cycle to your preference.

You’ll have no more ring round collars. We have the best knowledge on removing stains, even those hard to remove mustard or oil spots will be gone.

We press the shirts wet so they look their sharpest and brightest with a very hot stainless steal head that prevents scorching.

We replace all missing or broken buttons. Most shirt buttons contain resin that cannot take heat or mechanical action very well. Our replacement buttons are better quality that last longer and handle stress better.

We guarantee ready to wear so when you put that shirt on its feels and looks new again.