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Understanding the difference between wet cleaning and washing


Does your cleaner have sophisticated wet cleaning capabilities?Wet cleaning should be a critical component in any cleaner’s arsenal of cleaning capabilities.
Wet cleaning is a process of removing soil and stains using water and chemical agents.
Wet cleaning may be used to
Remove soil and stains that cannot be removed in dry cleaning
Restore yellowed and oxidized garments that may otherwise be unwearable.

Furthermore, wet cleaning may be used to clean garments and household textiles that for one reason or the other cannot or should not be dry cleaned due to their fragility, finishes, trim and embellishments, or unstable dyes. The overall condition or specific stains of other garments and household textiles may dictate a special water-based treatment either prior to or after dry cleaning.

In these cases, fine wet cleaning, hand-washing and/or restoration processes may be appropriate.
It’s important to understand that wet cleaning is not home washing or “professional” shirt washing.
When we talk about wet cleaning we’re not referring to the home washers or “professional” shirt washing machines that can be found in almost every cleaner today. We’re referring, instead, to sophisticated wet cleaning machines that start at around $20,000.

Even the most technologically advanced home washing machines or professional shirt washers cannot match the capabilities of specialized, computer-controlled wet cleaning equipment. Micro-processors control water temperature, cylinder speeds, mechanical action and moisture removal. Special detergents and conditioners protect the feel or “hand” of the fabric. Two dryers typically, these items are then hang dried, flat dried or dried in a microprocessor controlled tumbler which provides multiple levels of sensor-monitored drying.

Many ordinary cleaners will tell you that they “wet clean”. Be aware, however, that many cleaners who claim to wet clean don’t have specialized, computer-controlled wet cleaning equipment. Instead, they rely on an assortment of home washers and their “professional” shirt washers. This is not controlled, professional wet cleaning and can result in damage to your garments, including shrinkage, dye fading, dye bleeding and dye crocking.
A true quality cleaner without sophisticated wet cleaning capabilities is like a fast food outlet without a microwave or a heat lamp.|

Does your cleaner have sophisticated wet cleaning capabilities?